After arguing with myself for a few months, I finally decided to move this blog from to my own website:

I've been going back and forth with the idea of creating a website about myself, and making the blog a section of it. I mean, the last time I built a personal website was probably in 1998 using Microsoft Frontpage.

Since then, I've been using social platforms like Linkedin to list my skills and track record and it's only been 2 years since I decided that I wanted to start publishing my thoughts. I was going through a rough patch, professionally, and decided to start writing in order to structure my ideas and intentions. It was also a good way to force myself to work on something concrete (in opposition to sitting at my desk trying to figure out things that I couldn't, yet).

My first attempt was quite shy. I bought a domain name that matched a nickname I used to choose online. Nobody could really associate my name to it, and I was thinking it would be more comfortable to blog anonymously. I published a few articles, got a few hundred views, and that was all. Nothing really happened, except that I was already feeling the benefits of focusing a few hours per day on something concrete.

A few months later, I decided to level up my game. It took me a few days to build a wordpress theme that I liked, and deploy it to a serious WP hosting service (serious as in, pay thirty bucks per months to host a blog and not be bothered with the technical parts). I also bought a domain name,, which was relevant to the kind of posts I intended to write. My thinking was that, it was a much easier name to retain than my actual name.

Having this new setup, which I was actually paying for, kind of forced me to keep writing from time to time and, more importantly, encouraged me to start promoting my work. Something I, probably as a lot of you, was really nervous doing.

Writing often, publishing quite often, and promoting every time, helped me grow EntrepreneurLoop (the blog) a bit. I was feeling more confident about the whole process and decided to migrate the blog over to my own server so I could spare the budget of hosting and, if I wanted to, invest it to promote a post on facebook or on twitter. I killed two birds with one stone, and decided to jump on the occasion to also setup a newsletter to help me keep in touch with people reading the blog. As I'm writing this essay, we are steadily approaching 200 people subscribed to the email list. I really feel thankful for that (thank you guys!).

Since the beginning of the year, I've been writing a bit less because I was in a building & advising cycle. I was focusing on creating learning experiments (marketing, see these posts), shipping the first product of my new company called Story CRM, and helping other entrepreneurs move their projects forward. This means that, when people asked me what I was working on, I was usually coming up with a pretty long sentence, with very few verbs and a lot of product names. So, I allocated a few hours and built up a sort of a portfolio, where, finally, I could gather the projects I work on properly. And since I don't feel like my essays and my other projects are part of different families anymore, it was time to reunite them under the same storefront, this website.

So, why am I not keeping the name EntrepreneurLoop for the blog, and for the portfolio?

After all, EntrepreneurLoop has attracted more than 32,000 visitors in the last 365 days, so one might think the name is "getting known".

Well... I don't think people really care about the name that much. The ones who read the blog regularly, probably know my name because I sign everything I send to the newsletter, or because they follow me on twitter in order to know when I publish something. The others probably never really paid attention to who wrote the post they just read.

And this is something I would like to slowly (but surely) change. I want people who enjoyed reading my posts to be able to check what I'm currently working on. I want them to be able to easily engage with me, or ask for my advice or my help.

That's the main reason I'm moving the blog over: I want things to get even more personal and I want to be able to help you more.