Long is wrong.

Or, long isn't always right.
A lot of content producers (in this case, read: writers who write to drive some action from the readers) have an idea about the ideal length of an article. And if I believe what the current trend affirms, longer pieces get more traction. A side effect of this affirmation though is that more and more writers focus on producing interminable blog posts. They write more words because they feel obligated to, if they want to reach their audience.
But reaching doesn't mean touching. Reaching doesn't equal being read. And isn't the goal of creating written content, to be read?
How often have you had an idea but didn't turn it into a blog post because you failed at describing it? Because having to write a long enough post seemed like daunting work?
I know I do. Very often.
When long influences your creativity or when it prevents ideas to be shared. When long wastes your time and your audience's, long is wrong.
So next time you have an idea worth sharing, do it with the amount of words that feels natural to you.

Ignore the tyranny of long.