Update: Story is no longer. It was a fun ride! :)

On Wednesday, the 10th of June 2015, we decided it was time to publicly launch our new product called Story. This article is a short report on what happened after our launching on Product Hunt.

Story CRM on Product Hunt - Entrepreneur Loop

What is Story?

Story is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) available as a SaaS. It's aimed at helping freelancers and small businesses to manage relationships with their clients.

How Story did on Product Hunt

Story raised attention shortly after it was posted. Submitting it quite early (11h40AM GMT +2) probably helped a bit as there is usually not much products on the board, which means less competition. My guess is that, when there's only 5 or 6 products, people visiting Product Hunt tend to check all of them and give an upvote right away.

We ended the day at the #4 position, with a total of 291 upvotes which allowed us to be featured on the Product Hunt newsletter the following day, which led to quite a lot of additional traffic. A fact I had already observed while launching other products through PH.



In terms of volume, our analytics software counted 7219 unique visitors coming from Product Hunt in the week following the post.
It's about what I was expecting based on my previous experimentation at launching with Product Hunt.

The first day accounted for a big part of this amount (3214 unique visitors), while the second day drove 2489 unique visitors to Story's website.


Traffic from USA is still the most important, representing around 38% of the total. Then comes United Kingdom and France. Maybe, part of the explanation for the latter is that of France being my country of birth and I still have friends living there who follow me on twitter and other social networks where I announced the public launch.

Side note: mobile IS important

Of course, you might have guessed having a mobile-friendly website in 2015 is important, although I still regularly see websites that aren't posted to Product Hunt.

How important is it exactly?
Well, a bit more than 17% of the audience coming from Product Hunt did so on a mobile device.

Conversion to action

A quick note on conversion, since we all are curious about it (sometimes way too much; don't forget exposure is important too). The conversion to action rate (percentage of visitors who entered the sign up flow) from Product Hunt on this first week was around 3%.

Even though quite a substantial rate of accounts dropped out during sign up (we ask for the payment information upfront), it allowed us to collect a lot of feedback and achieve a rapid take off of our application. Being featured on Product Hunt gave us a lot of exposure and was definitely the best way to launch publicly.