Year in review: 2016

I see a lot of year in review posts being submitted and shared everywhere. It seems like this kind of posts is getting more and more common every year. And while I think it is very important to take time to reflect upon the previous 12 months, the usual, long read »

Sacred ideas.

We live in an era where ideas are so powerful we sacralize them. They appear almighty: Get the right idea and succeed; get the wrong idea and fail. So every day, people keep signing non-disclosure agreements prior to sharing their ideas and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to read »

You should quit.

How did you feel about this title? Did you feel surprised? Pissed? Relieved? The first title for this post was "Should I quit?". Should I quit. Not that I am considering it at the moment, but that's admittedly something I ask myself from time to time. Yep. Not just something read »

Demystifying sales: a guide for entrepreneurs

For most of us entrepreneurs, selling is rewarding but hard. We grimace just thinking about it. Thinking about trying to convince someone to pay us money for our service or product. We fear this awkward moment when we'll have to announce the price. We dread the negotiation and having follow-up read »

Taking a first job or starting a company?

Never in history, has being an entrepreneur been so trendy. The generation that will graduate soon don't dream of a career working for a big corporation anymore. They want to create their own startup. Starting a company definitely feels easier than ever too. And while I guess there's some truth read »

Why we should invest more time building relationships

As freelancers or as a company, we have so many things on our todo list! We need to build a product or an offer, decide on pricing, create a website, find leads, write proposals, sign contracts, etc. We certainly build relationships along the way but often don't allocate specific time read »

They want real time

I'd be curious to see the graphs of new subscribers to newspapers over the past few years. Don't get me wrong: I really like the press industry. But I don't understand why they are having such a hard time to reinvent themselves. It seems like, for most of them, the read »

Long is wrong

Long is wrong. Or, long isn't always right. A lot of content producers (in this case, read: writers who write to drive some action from the readers) have an idea about the ideal length of an article. And if I believe what the current trend affirms, longer pieces get more read »

Who are your mentors?

Do you have a mentor? If you don't, I recommend that you seriously consider it. A few weeks ago, I asked a new person to be my mentor. I usually don't communicate profusely about it, but several friends of mine asked some very interesting questions when they heard the news. read »

How do you make time into your day?

This is a post for all hard workers. Those with packed schedules, who always try and refine their organization process in order to squeeze more execution time into their week. If you decided to read this post based on the subject, you are probably one of us. Welcome! Since I read »

Why you should invest time crafting your own story

In addition to my passion for entrepreneurship, I also have a great deal of interest in management, especially team leading. In fact, besides my regular activities, I also advise a bunch of managers. I use the word "advise", but in reality every single conversation or workshop is always very beneficial read »

Using Periscope and Meerkat to develop your audience?

You probably heard about Meerkat and Periscope. Or about Facebook's similar initiative launched recently, reserved, however, to celebrities through its application Facebook Mentions. If you haven't, let me give you the 2-line pitch: they are applications that allow you to live stream an event, using your phone's camera, to your read »

How to start a great coworking space

Update: If you are in Uppsala, we have since then launched our own small coworking space named Capsule. Contact me for more info! -- Even though I really enjoy working from home when it's possible, I've always considered coworking spaces being full of opportunities when done right. I had the read »

The Design Marketing

Design is important from day one. Numerous articles circulating advocate in favour of processes focusing on spotting the pain (preferably an unbearable one) then build and sell the painkiller. In order to learn and iterate based on clients feedback, we must ship fast and ship often. We build a MVP read »

Should your blog and portfolio be on the same domain?

After arguing with myself for a few months, I finally decided to move this blog from to my own website: I've been going back and forth with the idea of creating a website about myself, and making the blog a section of it. I mean, the read »

Launching Story CRM on Product Hunt

Update: Story is no longer. It was a fun ride! :) On Wednesday, the 10th of June 2015, we decided it was time to publicly launch our new product called Story. This article is a short report on what happened after our launching on Product Hunt. What is Story? Story is read »


Roadblocks aren't necessarily a bad thing. They are an inevitable part of whatever we're doing or working on. Sometimes you knew the obstructions you would encounter from day one, but postponed dealing with them. And sometimes they show up without notice, when you thought your plans were coming together. Our read »

A Process To Hire Smart People

A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with Ryan Gum and Maxime Salomon at the Expresso House in old Stockholm. At one point, we got to discussing how difficult it can be to attract so called "A-Players"- La crème de la crème of employees. As a matter of read »

A visual way to brainstorm your ideas

As app makers, entrepreneurs, ux specialists, freelancers and designers, we have a lot of ideas and projects to work on. There are the ones we share with our partners or clients, and the ones we keep to ourselves because they aren't ready yet. If you recognized yourself in the lines read »

7 mistakes I made while launching Non-app Calendar

Just a few weeks ago, I launched Non-app Calendar, a tiny analog product aimed at helping us turn our big goals into manageable actions. Those of you who've been following me on this blog, knows that besides one or two small past experiments, I'm more used to the b2b kind read »

From idea to profitable in just a few hours

This week has been an incredible ride. Inspired by Nathan Barry and his 24h project, I decided to launch a tiny product last Sunday. Several of you folks have asked me to write a post about the genesis and the journey of Non-app Calendar. Here is my attempt at answering read »

Thoughts on nurturing your blog post ideas

Now that I've been writing for some months, I've started to notice a few things that foster inspiration and facilitate the work. But I've also spotted things that produce the total opposite effect on me. Today, I want to tell you about some of these pitfalls. Picking a wrong way read »

The hidden benefits of giving advices

This post is a follow-up to "Express your uniqueness" - There's a little principle I found not long ago. I call it the hidden benefits of giving advices. Last December, I was on a train back from Paris and decided to use this four-hour trip to work on a couple read »

Express your uniqueness.

I love helping people build solutions for their problems. That's one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. It can be just in a few minutes on an online chat, on a Skype talk, or face to face. One shot or regular meetings over time. Or through read »

Entrepreneurship and the emotional fluctuations

I've been meaning to write about the roller coaster for a very long time. Obviously not the attraction at some amusement parks. The roller coaster is a metaphor used by some entrepreneurs to describe their journey of business creation. As you might guess, it represents the emotional fluctuations you are read »

My daily meeting with the writer's block

Lately, I've decided to start writing publicly again. I've been dedicating a lot of attention into creating new essays for this website. As an amateur writer, giving up on this effort is a daily temptation, and following a routine is the only way to prevent it. If you show up read »

Building a new habit? A rule and a hack.

Have you ever tried to build a habit from scratch? It's tough. I guess authors who write about forming habits are successful for a reason. Obstacles and pitfalls make giving up on our initiative a piece of cake. Being an entrepreneur and working from home forced me to improve at read »

What kills creativity?

"Maybe theres no market for that." "It is very similar to *this* or *that* existing product." "People won't be interested / make fun of me." "I'm not sure if I should waste time even thinking about it!" -- Working from home requires a way in order to mark the end of read »

Using Trello to manage your sales pipeline

In the beginning of June, we decided that our new product was ready to be shown to more people other than the few already involved in the alpha version. I started talking and meeting with people to pitch to them, and give demos of our software. I soon realised this read »

Rethinking the selling process

I was only 21 when I co-founded my first real company. Prior to that, I had been working for a bit more than three years at two different companies. My jobs were mainly technical (as an engineer), but I also happened to meet prospects and customers with salesmen. On this read »

Test run your non-technical co-founder

A fellow entrepreneur I know is currently facing a situation which a lot of us will reach, at some point on our entrepreneurship journey. For the last few months, he has been busy building his idea a pretty neat SaaS platform to help developers manage their staging environments, and doing read »

What makes a good leader

Good leader, charisma. Words that fit perfectly together. Or not necessarily? When I started working on this article, I allowed myself a few minutes to think about the great leaders I've met in my professional life. And as I went with this empirical process I realise several specificities that all read »

Kill your pet (projects)

In a previous blog post, I argued the importance of having side projects. That, you should let them live because they have a positive impact on learning and growing new ideas. Today, I want to share my thoughts about killing these projects. -- I launched a little something by the read »

The three ingredients recipe for homeworkers

In a fast changing world, where one of the biggest problems the coming generation will be facing is pollution, I'm a heavy supporter of remote working. Not only is home-working a good way to reduce our carbon fingerprints, it's also a chance to reconsider the way we live globally. It read »

Nine levers to find your first customers

There are a lot of posts about acquiring B2C customers out there, but far less has been written about B2B. Here's my contribution about where to start if you just launched your company and are looking for those precious first customers. It's also a reflection for me, as I realised read »

Love your pet (projects)

I have a confession to make. I'm a side project lover, I can't help it! I feel that I need to start working on at least one new idea every month. Most of the time, I'll spend a few hours thinking about one idea - what it would look like, read »

The pre-partnership agreement

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are working on a business project or trying to find a new one. In a previous post, I argued that carefully picking your associates can be decisive for the success of your company. And while we are used to writing read »

The secret cabin

I love experimenting with new business ideas, most of which never go farther than a few hours of work spent on writing and sketching interfaces (when necessary). Having short-life side projects is a great way to experiment with no or low consequences, and find ideas for your main project. But read »

Review & Forecast. The time-traveling machine.

The new year's coming fast upon us, so I decided to spend some time thinking about what I experienced with my company in 2013, and on everything we already have in sight for 2014. This calm period is indeed a great opportunity to reflect about what we have accomplished, and read »

Partners In Crime

One of the firsts topics I like to discuss with an entrepreneur when we meet for the first time is the association on his venture. People can sometimes be a bit surprised that I seem more interested in the relationship they have with their partners than the growth strategy they read »

Preparing to conduct an interview

If, like me, you're not a journalist, interviewing someone can be pretty tough. However, whether you're a student trying to get information for your thesis, a manager in the process of hiring a new team member, or the marketing or the biz guy seeking feedback about a product or trying read »