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Year in review: 2016

I see a lot of year in review posts being submitted and shared everywhere. It seems like this kind of posts is getting more and more common every year. And while I think it is very important to take time to reflect upon the previous 12 months, the usual, long »

Sacred ideas.

We live in an era where ideas are so powerful we sacralize them. They appear almighty: Get the right idea and succeed; get the wrong idea and fail. So every day, people keep signing non-disclosure agreements prior to sharing their ideas and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to »

You should quit.

How did you feel about this title? Did you feel surprised? Pissed? Relieved? The first title for this post was "Should I quit?". Should I quit. Not that I am considering it at the moment, but that's admittedly something I ask myself from time to time. Yep. Not just something »

Demystifying sales: a guide for entrepreneurs

For most of us entrepreneurs, selling is rewarding but hard. We grimace just thinking about it. Thinking about trying to convince someone to pay us money for our service or product. We fear this awkward moment when we'll have to announce the price. We dread the negotiation and having follow-up »